After Two Years - AS3 Vector. Review

Let me start off initially by saying that this post is pretty much a rant with examples concerning the Flash Platform’s Vector.<T> class and the mindless semantic differences between it and the Array class. I suppose this is a fairly out of date topic, being as the Vector.<T> class appeared... [Read More]

JavaRay - Ray Tracing in Java

I’ve been tinkering around lately with Java, and trying to catch up on the last 8 years I’ve missed. I was first introduced to Java in 2002 at UNC-CH, but it was nothing like the Java today. [Read More]

Calling Methods and Properties by String in C#

One of my favorite things about C# is the strict typing. Strict typing forces the user to follow good design principles (most of the time). However, it does prevent you from being able to use “true” dynamic objects (Note: there are ways that you can use generics and operator overloading... [Read More]
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