Silverlight Vector

I spent some time over the weekend porting the AS3 Vector.<T> class to C# for use with Silverlight. It uses System.Collections.Generic.List<T> as a backbone, so it leverages a lot of the existing functionality, but the main purpose is to keep the same method signatures as AS3. [Read More]

Flex Logging Framework for Silverlight

I’ve taken some time and created a logging framework in C# that is very similar (in fact, uses close to identical logic in some cases) to that of flex. It’s super flexible and easy to use. [Read More]

SOS Max Logging for Silverlight

If you are not familiar with SOS Max, it’s a socket output server that is used to display logging messages sent via a client application for debugging. The beauty behind this concept is that it supports any language with socket support, and since SOS Max is written in Java, it’s... [Read More]

AIR loadBytes() Bites

I have run into an annoying issue involving Adobe AIR versions 1.5.X and 2.0. While I am aware that there are some differences (security wise) between the playerglobal APIs and the airglobal APIs, I wouldn’t have guessed that what I’m about to describe to be the “valid” behavior. [Read More]